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       Death rate plummets when doctors go on strike!

Dr. Mendelsohn tells us something shocking that you won’t hear from your doctor:

 “How truly deadly the Church (of Modern Medicine) is comes into stark relief whenever there's a doctor's strike. In 1976 in Bogota, Columbia, there was a fifty-two-day period in which doctors disappeared altogether except for emergency care.  The "National Catholic Reporter" described "a string of unusual side effects" from the strike. The death rate went down 35%. A spokesman for the National Morticians Associations said, "It might be a coincidence but it is a fact.”

He also tells about an 18% drop in the death rate in 1976 when doctors went on a strike in Los Angeles County. After the strike, the death rate returned to pre-strike levels.

In 1973 it happened in Israel. The death rate dropped by 50% during the month of the doctors strike.

  ( From pg. 114 of
Confessions of A Medical Heretic by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. )

It’s not hard to believe stats like that if you read news items that tell us:

Medical Mistakes and Infections Cause About 200,000 Deaths a Year in the U.S.


Iatrogenesis - Are you familiar with the meaning of this word? The medical profession uses it to refer to problems, illness, complications, or death, caused by doctors or medical treatment.

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