Non-Medical, Antidepressant Alternative

Disclaimer: Everything on this web site:

is for information only. It is the web site host's personal opinion and may contain errors. Steve DeSanto is NOT a doctor or licensed healthcare worker. Nothing discussed with Steve (and nothing on this web site) should be taken as medical or psychological advice or diagnosis. If that is what you’re looking for, consult your personal physician! Steve has no control over the websites he links to. They may contain errors and linking to them is only to provide more information.

This website is not sponsored by Peter Breggin, and contains Breggin information only because Steve has found his writings beneficial and free from pharmaceutical company bias. 

Steve has launched this website because he thinks others might find the information helpful. The subject of mental health is a broad one. Mental health experts disagree on many issues, as is true in all fields of endeavor. EFT, the non-medical alternative to taking medications, is only one of many alternatives being used in the world today.

Although Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) have helped some people gain relief for depression and many other issues, these techniques must still be considered an experimental process. Your experience may not be the same others have had.  Such is life. While there are usually no distressing side effects, this does not mean you will not discover negative side effects for yourself. IF YOU INTEND TO USE EFT, YOU MUST AGREE TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS WHILE APPLYING THESE TECHNIQUES. You must also agree not to hold Steve DeSanto, EFT facilitator, or the EFT developer, Gary Craig, liable for any side effects or results of this process.

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