Non-Medical, Antidepressant Alternative

     Funny Videos About Medication Side Effects

Take a break! Watch these videos and enjoy a few good laughs. The fact is side effects from prescription meds can sometimes be worse than those caused by illegal drugs. So, this subject is really no laughing matter! But hey, maybe watching these clips will change your perspective one way or the other.

1.)  Funny commercial about side effects from a bogus drug called: Side-FX BS

2.)  Pharmaceutical Drug Commercial Spoof - Progenitorivox
3.)  Sucofucolox: the side-effect medication ( a spoof )
4.)  Modern Medicine (a spoof)
5.)  Drug Parody - Ask Your Doctor -- “Do you have a pre-existing condition
     for an undetermined ailment?”  Sounds a lot like the book: "
Selling Sickness."


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