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   How to get off psychiatric drugs safely

Are you ready to get off your psych medications? Or maybe not. Perhaps youíve tried but experienced bad side effects. Maybe you donít think itís even possible to go off them. Did your doctor say you must stay on them the rest of your life. Dr. Breggin tells us in his books that mental health professionals often wrongly attribute withdrawal symptoms to the so-called underlying mental illness.

How long have you taken your drugs? If itís many months or even years, then it could take months or even a year or more to taper safely off just one! My emphasis is safety. Switching meds abruptly, or even missing one dose of something your body has adjusted to can cause bad withdrawal reactions.  But donít take my word for it. Iím not a doctor or licensed healthcare professional.

Nevertheless, if youíre looking of information, here is a website you might want to consult that is focused on
how to get off psychiatric drugs safely. This site says, ďThe Road Back is a patent pending program, developed in 1999 to assist individuals to taper off medication and eliminate existing side effects a person may be experiencing from the medication.Ē Take a look. Their information is free.

Another site that deals with coming off psychiatric medication is here.

My wife once called various doctors offices in our city in an effort to find just one who would be willing to help people get off their psych drugs. Not one office said they would do it. Iím not saying there arenít any, but my wife was unsuccessful in her search. We also know somebody who - when she told her psychiatrist she wanted to wean herself off her drugs, the psychiatrist acted appalled and said, ďYouíre in your manic phase.Ē When my wife and I heard about this, we laughed, because we know this person well. We donít know anyone who would call her manic, especially at this particular time in her life. She had made a reasoned decision to taper down and get off her drugs and just wanted help from her psychiatrist. Whatís interesting is - at some point along this womanís ďtapering journey,Ē her psychiatrist saw it was working just fine and wanted to know the details so that she (the doctor) would be able to tell other patients how to do it successfully. Hmmm, what does that tell us?

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