Non-Medical, Antidepressant Alternative

Purpose of This Website                                                                      Check this index

This website grew from knowledge learned from books about the dangers inherent in many psychiatric medications sold in the U.S. and elsewhere.

As I came across more and more books warning of dangers surrounding non-psych drugs and dangerous medical practices, I was appalled, not only by the information itself -- seemingly invisible to the general public in spite of all the published books and internet articles -- I was also appalled by the apparent lack of desire on the part of many doctors to inform patients of these dangers. How could they be like that? But of course like everything in life, itís all a matter of opinion. I am not a doctor or licensed heathcare provider. (as I state elsewhere in my disclaimer) However, the books and information here were written by qualified professionals. Do your own research - decide for yourself. The information and books profiled on this site should be read by every Pre Med Student before he/she goes to med school.

The purpose of this web site is to present information about medical dangers I have found helpful. My secondary purpose is to suggest you check into a natural, non-medical, self-help alternative to antidepressants called
Emotional Freedom Techniques, better known as EFT. Information about EFT should be investigated and tried by pre med students, because this process can often accomplish things where medicine fails.

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