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ďFDA Says Pills Can Cause Sleep-Driving,Ē is an article from back in 2007. You already know what sleep-walking is, and we usually donít associate it with medications, but how about sleep-driving? Did you know sleeping pills can sometimes cause you to get in a car and drive while youíre asleep? Have you been told you do things while asleep that you donít remember doing?

If you take any kind of sleeping pill, it's possible you've done things you would want to know about -- like sleep-eating, sleep-emailing, sleep-sex, surfing the net while asleep. You name it, you might have done it. Of course most people on sleeping pills donít get up and go out for a drive while asleep, but does anyone really know the real numbers? Drug side effects are notoriously under-reported.

I found
this amazing incident described in the book: Prescription for Disaster by Thomas J. Moore. And that woman's experience did NOT end in tragedy, which is hard to believe!

Take a look at this short video: "
Is Ambien creating a nation of zombies?" and youíll get a good idea of how serious the problem can be.

Hereís the article at the Washington Post: "
FDA Says Pills Can Cause Sleep-Driving"

Donít miss the apparent sleeping pill induced behavior stories in the comments section at "
Sleep-Driving Is Danger with Ambien.Ē Go read them. You might save your own life or that of a friend or family member. Those tales are enough to inspire a movie or weekly TV series about people who drive or do other things while sleeping.

Daniel F. Kripke, M.D., presents a wealth of information in his online e-book:
The Dark Side of Sleeping Pills. I highly recommend it. His information is extensive and easy to read, and examines the topic from many angles. You can download the entire book in PDF format. Tell a friend or family member about it.

Risks and dangers related to Benzodiazepines:  
Valium, Ativan, Klonopin, Serax, Halcion, Dalmane, and Halcion. Xanax,

Now For Some Good News!

                               A Natural, Self-Help Way to Relieve Insomnia

Although our society loves quick-fixes for all sorts of problems, when personal health is the topic, people seem blind to natural, non-herbal, methods that bring fast relief for certain physical and emotional ailments. Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ) is one such method. Itís used by thousands of people around the world and often rapidly relieves underlying emotional turmoil and trauma that hinder a person's ability to get a good night's sleep.

If youíre not familiar with this simple process, go read,
"What is EFT?Ē and "EFT History," before returning to read the following EFT Insomnia relief testimonials at

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30 years of insomnia cleared in one EFT session

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