Non-Medical, Antidepressant Alternative

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Introduction: These Are True Stories

  1.)  Killing the Pain--and Almost the Cop

  2.)  What is Medication Spellbinding?

  3.)  The Toothless Watchdog Growls

  4.)  Young Girl Murderers in the Making

  5.)  Doctors Driven Mad by Medication

  6.)  Killing Loved Ones to Save the World

  7.)  Drug Induced “Happy Faces”

  8.)  Not Quite Twelve Years Old

  9.)  Sleeping Pill Madness

10.)   Tranquilized Into Violence

11.)   A Courtroom Christmas Story

12.)   A Vicious Addiction

13.)   He wanted to Do Better in School

14.)   Spellbound by Ritalin Addiction

15.)   Parents Forced to Drug Their Children

16.)   This is Not My Daughter

17.)   Dilemmas and Difficulties in the Role of the Medical Expert

18.)   Drug Companies on Trial

19.)   Marketing Myths and the Truth About Psychiatric Medications

20.)   Spellbound by Drug-Withdrawal Reactions

21.)   Making Drug Withdrawal as Safe as Possible

22.)   The Tough Question of Personal Responsibility

23.)   Choose Your Last Resort Wisely

Appendix A.    Psychiatric Medications by Category

Appendix B.  What Else Can You Do?




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