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   Peter Breggin - The Conscience of Psychiatry -
   Is Peter Breggin the conscience of psychiatry or an alarmist?
Peter Breggin has been called The Conscience of Psychiatry for good reasons. You learn why in this book. Yet many professionals in the field don’t agree. They consider him an extremist. They say his dire warnings of harmful side effects caused by many psychotropic medications are out of proportion to the number of people who benefit. But he has been vindicated when years after he warned the public, the FDA echoed his concerns and called for black box warnings on the drugs.

This book is unique because it is a collection of testimonials by professionals in the healthcare field who know Peter Breggin and have used his findings and advice to save people’s lives. When they hear others attack him, they know those attacks come from ignorance, or self interest, or from doctors tied to pharmaceutical giants with millions to lose if their pills stop selling. 

This is the only book I know of that gives rare glimpses of Peter as seen through the eyes of colleagues and personal friends like Richard Curtis. That's right, the literary agent in New York. That Richard Curtis. He and Peter were high school friends, and he tells about those good old days:

“ the summer between graduation and commencement of college, a joy ride with Peter and two or three members of his brain trust proved to be a transformative moment in my
life.  As we cruised around town and they began quarreling about__”

 And there's another friend from high school, Richard E. Rubenstein, Professor of Conflict Resolution and Public Affairs at the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, who talks about when, “Peter and I were sitting together on a bus that was transporting us high schoolers to a cultural event several hours drive away___"

No, I won't go on. Read the book.

Candace Pert also has something to say. Candace is an internationally recognized psychopharmacologist and former research professor at Georgetown University who authored the bestseller  - Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Bodymind Medicine. She appeared in the film: "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

The list goes on and on. But the people behind these testimonials would all agree with
Dr.Pert who begins her testimonial this way: “Dr. Peter Breggin is one of the most amazing, wise, and compassionate human beings I have ever known."

This volume will be welcomed by anyone already familiar with his writings who wants to learn about the personality behind the name, Breggin.

Read reviews of The Conscience of Psychiatry at Amazon.

If you’ve read criticism of Peter Breggin, or if you don’t understand where he’s coming
from, if you’re convinced his stand against psychiatric medications is extreme and does not come from sound research and a foundational base of knowledge and experience, or if you have not read one of his books from cover to cover, then___
Listen to this great interview with Dr. Breggin about his early years and his crusade to save people from harmful practices in the mental health system.

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