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                         How much is the FDA not telling us?

On Page 252 of Medication Madness, Dr. Breggin says:                      

“From my FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) inquiries to the FDA, I had found that initial drafts of the Prozac label had listed “depression” and “abnormal thoughts” as two of the three most commonly reported adverse reactions to the drug. In these drafts, the company in effect admitted that its own principal investigators--the scientists conducting the clinical trials--were reporting that their patients frequently became more depressed on Prozac. Combined with an increase in “abnormal thoughts,”  this indicated that the drug was making many people worse and even potentially dangerous. I then discovered that shortly before the label was made official, “abnormal thoughts” was dropped from the list of top three adverse effects and replaced with the more innocuous “abnormal dreams.” Then, on the last day before the label was officially approved, an FDA official scratched out “depression” from its prominent place in the label. Depression as a serious adverse effect of Prozac went from being “frequent” to being nonexistent.” The company (Eli Lilly) in combination with the FDA, had expurgated some of the most damning information from the label shortly before it’s publication...”     

(end of page 252 quote)

Take a look at
Dr. Breggin’s congressional testimony about antidepressants and suicide, Then compare what you just learned with what you hear in this youtube video apparently posted by a pharmacist talking about Fluoxetine, another name for Prozac. Notice how
little this man tells you about negative side effects. Who do you want to believe? It’s your
choice. Oh, but before you decide, you also might want to read
The Story Behind Prozac.

Did Prozac Turn Teen into Murderer? - Judge Agrees with Testimony of Psychiatrist Peter Breggin M.D. - This is a more recent Prozac court case.

And then there’s this important article:
 "Prozac and Suicide, an Interview with Dr. David Healy," in which this leading researcher tells us: 
" least 250,000 people have attempted suicide worldwide because of Prozac alone, and at least 25,000 have succeeded."     (and that was back in 2002.)


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