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Have you read this warning!
Psychiatric Drugs Cause Violence and Aggression

Public school administrators and public officials continue to ignore the fact that psychotropic drugs, especially antidepressants, are to blame for many disturbing, disruptive and dangerous behaviors everywhere in our once civil society.

Watch this important video of Dr. Peter Breggin testifying at the FDA about pharmaceutical companies hiding disturbing drug trial data.

If you’re asking yourself, “where can I learn the truth about risks, warnings, and dangerous side effects of psych meds,” you might find the following articles helpful:

"Psychiatry Has No Answer to Gun Massacres"  (Peter Breggin, M.D.)

"Psych meds linked to 90% of school shootings"

Can Antidepressants Cause Violence? Are there studies that prove it?
Dr. David Healy, talking about the connection between psychotropic drugs and violence, says:
“There is in fact no other area of medicine in which there is so much hidden data on a risk that has consequences for the lives of so many innocent third parties.” And he has good reason to call it The Hidden Gorilla and a medical blind spot.

Another Mass Stabbing, Another Psychiatric Drug? Six School Stabbings Committed By Individuals on Psychiatric Drugs

Refusal To Put Child On Psych Drugs Results In Swat Teams & a TANK.


Today's Greatest Mental Health Need: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Programs

Top psychiatrist - Dr. David Healy: Meds behind school massacres

Confirmed: ‘Batman’ Shooter James Holmes Was On Psychotropic Drugs

Dr. David Healy's website - Investigate and report your own negative drug
side effects at: is a good place to read for a few hours.


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