Non-Medical, Antidepressant Alternative

                                         Peter Breggin’s book, Medication Madness
                                 carries the following notice on one of the first pages

Psychiatric drugs can be spellbinding, insidiously compromising your mind and emotions before you realize what is happening to you. They can make you feel sad, agitated, or fearful. They can make you think you’re doing better when you’re doing worse. In the extreme, some can drive you toward mania or depression, and compel you to act in violent or self-destructive ways that would ordinarily appall you.

It can be both dangerous to start psychiatric drugs and dangerous to stop them. Medication withdrawal should be done gradually with the support of friends and family, and with experienced clinical supervision.

No book can substitute for individualized medical or psychological care, and this book cannot be used as a treatment handbook.

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How to get off psychiatric drugs safely

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