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 Antidepressant Dangers and Warnings, Dangerous Side Effects
If so, you may want to consult Dr. Peter Breggin's latest book, Medication Madness. It contains information you probably have not been told by your doctor, simply because he didn't know about it. Dr. Breggin has been a patient's rights crusader all his life. He has testified in Congress, before the FDA, and in court battles with pharmaceutical companies.
Breggin’s website is a goldmine of life saving medical information about the dangers of taking psychiatric medications. His books go into detail that will keep you turning the pages.

As a medical expert in important court battles involving pharmaceutical companies, Breggin has had permission to examine internal drug company memos and documents not available to the public or doctors. This is one important reason he knows about shocking information many others don’t know.

( You might think that if the FDA knew about specific drug dangers, they would protect you, but that is not necessarily true. Click here for one of Peter Breggin’s amazing and upsetting examples.)

At any rate, I have assembled some information, books, and links on this site to help you find information you are looking for.  If you can’t find the books at your local library, you can usually find cheap copies at or Amazon.


On page 312 of Medication Madness, Peter Breggin talks about reasons why we know that medication madness is caused by the medication:

--- “If we place children or adults in controlled clinical trials, where some receive a psychiatric drug and others receive a sugar pill, those receiving the psychiatric drug are far more likely to develop a wide range of adverse mental reactions, including depression, mania, and suicidality. This has been proven time and again in clinical trials involving every kind of psychoactive drug. Psychoactive drugs cause madness.”

He also says:

---”The FDA-approved labels for drugs often cite the risk of patients developing drug-induced mental aberrations from agitation, anxiety, hostility, suicidality, and depression through hallucinations, delusions, and psychosis. This is true for all psychiatric drugs and also for many non-psychiatric drugs as well, even some antibiotics that affect the brain and mind.”

But the real power of this valuable and unsettling book comes from the stories he tells about clients whose lives were often ruined by psychiatric medications. This is one of those books you will read and then want all your family and friends to read. But the sad thing is, you’ll find it hard to get them to read it. A large segment of society is unfortunately satisfied and comfortable with false beliefs about the safety of the medical community and the place medications play in their lives. Too many “sheep” believe their doctors would never give them anything that would cause serious harm or death.

Listen to this great Peter Breggin radio interview.
Or see Breggin testifying at the FDA in this video.

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