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Majority of kids with ADHD face mental health woes as adults, study showsis an article you should read because it talks about scientific research which did not take into consideration something we all want to know. These researchers did not even hint that a human being's behavior might be odd, or bizarre, or inappropriate after taking mind-altering psychiatric medications on a long term basis.  Look at the side effects associated with these drugs and you know that long term treatment is likely to predispose patients to future problems.  Yet the above article says nothing about drug induced harm. Could it be that pharmaceutical interests are driving this kind of study? Will we ever see an article entitled: "Majority of kids with ADHD face mental health woes as adults because of their long term use of medications?"

Amazingly, (but not surprising) this study DID NOT compare people labeled ADHD who had NEVER taken drugs with those who had. You might, in fact, be hard-pressed to find many individuals who got labeled ADHD who had not been drugged most of their lives. (
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It is no surprise that bean-counter, linear personality types involved in evaluating people to put in the appropriate “disorder box” will target creative, multi- tasking people as ADHD. But when was the last time you read about people with “Doctor Disorder” finding a home in healthcare because they had a predisposition to see abnormality and sickness in everyone? The truth is a certain segment of our society likes to call certain personality types disordered.

The Truth About ADHD and Bipolar Disorder

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